Today’s ridiculous project – a google sheet for AP style computer output

Working through my fourth candy assignment today, we ran into a problem where we could not easily create AP Stat style “computer output” for regression with student data. We do not have licenses for Minitab or JMP, R is outside my sphere (and the output looks different anyway), and Geogebra, statskey, and other free options I have tried either give different data, confusing data, or not enough data. I thought NCTMs Core Math Tools did what I needed, but I misread the output when planning.

I have since learned that StatsCrunch can output very similar data (and is nice enough that I may do subscriptions for it next year and use it more thoroughly with my students), but I did not know that tool this morning.

So what did I do? Made a google sheet that you can paste data into OR enter information for another google sheet (url, tab name, etc) and it will generate computer output for you. I may not ever use it again now that I have figured out StatsCrunch, but for data already in a google sheet this is quite possibly easier. I put it here for anybody who may find it useful.


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