Now I have to assess this unit…

…and I really don’t know how.

The problems are great, but I’m not comfortable (yet, I hope) grading them as high-value summative assessments, which means that I don’t have a “reasonable” distribution of grades. I could spend a day consolidating our knowledge from the problems and short-lectures – areas of various shapes, similarity theorems, scaling factors, area unit conversions – and throw together a quiz on it, but it just feels so… blah. This is always my issue when I get excited about process, is that grading process is hard and never feels fair, but of course it’s expected that I will have a reasonable semi-normal grade distribution, and the students who will eventually struggle with SAT/ACT/etc math should probably be at my low end. So I need a quiz.

I don’t want to do a quiz.

It’s probably what I’ll do, though.


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